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Drownings Can Be Prevented

Orange County California There has been 18 deaths due to drowning since January 1st 2007. The most recent occurred in a backyard during a party. More than a dozen adults were in the backyard and about ten children in the pool swimming. One little girl in the pool was wearing floats ,and according to people at the party was swimming face down a lot, apparently holding her breath. After a short time the adults told the children to get out of the pool to eat,

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Never Too Old To Learn

I received a telephone call from a grandmother who had a pool fence installed at her home last week. She told me that she had been extremely resistant to putting up a pool fence, but her son told her that he wouldn’t bring the baby over to visit until a safety fence was put up around the pool. She’s crazy about her grandson so she reluctantly agreed to purchase a pool fence. She said she felt she just had to call me to tell me that she was so glad she did agree to buy the pool safety fence.

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