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Archive for August, 2007

Happy Pool Guard Customer Letter

Below is a letter from another happy Pool Guard customer!

Thank you both so much for going above and beyond the call of duty by making our pool inspection deadline. You don’t know how much you have helped us by coming out the same day, with hours notice, to install our Pool Guard Safety fence. You got it installed quickly and it looks fabulous!

We are very satisfied with the look and color of our fence.

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The ABCD of Pool Safety

Drownings and near drownings are on the rise in the valley this summer. The accidents happen every year, but so far this year appears to be worse than others. Theres a good chance of not hearing a child who’s in the process of drowning. That’s why constant, visual contact is the only option.

More than swimming lessons are needed to protect your child from drowning. Water play can turn tragic in a matter of seconds,

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Pool Fences in New York

We’re only in our 5th week of summer and there have been several children deaths on Long Island, New York already due to parents not putting safety fences around their pools. Pool Guard of New York is saddened by these horrific accidents and has their families’ thoughts in our prayers.

“Up North” folks tend to believe if they have a 6 foot fence around their property, that should be enough protection from potential pool accidents;

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Drowning Education and Prevention

Some officials have said that August is the deadliest month for child drowning. Here in Arizona many people are getting involved to raise awareness including the Phoenix police and fire departments, local news stations as well as some local pool fence and home builder companies.

After drowning had decreased in 2006, so far in 2007 11 children have drowned in the Phoenix Metro area, all of which were 100% preventable. Everyone has stepped up their efforts to get the word out “2 seconds is too long”,

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Pool Fence Custom Color Combinations

As a Pool Guard pool safety fence dealer in the Dallas Ft. Worth market, I have had many satisfied customers with being able to offer customized color combinations with our pool fence. Many customers are trying to match their pool fence with their house trim to have that perfect fit on new home builds. Thanks to Pool Guard for offering endless custom colors for their pool fences. This makes it easy to offer swimming pool safety to our customers.

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My Doggy Door is a Danger

We have a doggy door for our Jack Russell, but the problem is our children can also pass through the doggy door as well. Thank goodness for our Pool Safety Fence.

I ran to answer the phone the other day and my three year old crawled through the doggy door and was sitting next to the pool.

Had we not had the pool safety fence, it would have certainly been a tragedy.

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CPR Saves Lives

Every summer we hear about the tragedy of a child drowning in a swimming pool. North Las Vegas firefighters say they want to be prepared so they can save lives. They are spending the next couple of days using valley pools to train on water rescue. So far this year, there have been 31 near drownings and 5 drownings in the valley. With numbers like these, North Las Vegas Fire says they have to keep their skills up.

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Saltwater Chlorine Generators & Corrosion

Saltwater Chlorine generators that have become very popular over the last few years are proving to have a serious side effect, corrosion!

I have read that many pool decks, pavers, natural stone and grout products are being etched or otherwise corroded by the excessive salt left on the pool deck when splashed water evaporates. I have personally seen inferior safety fences and Safety Net anchors that have corroded or rusted in place and on the pool deck.

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