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Archive for September, 2007

Parental Lessons That Can Save Lives

Several weeks ago, we went through a much-too-close brush with the most terrifying nightmare of a parent – the loss of a child. Through luck and divine grace, we still have our two-year-old, Christopher (Topher), alive, well and happy. We came through this scare with a new appreciation for Topher, for our family and for the great service that our local emergency medical technicians and hospital personnel provide every day. We learned a few parental lessons the hard way,

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What can be done to baby proof our pool?

Every year, hundreds of young children in the United States drown and thousands more are hospitalized with brain damage or other injuries due to accidents in home swimming pools or spas. This is particularly tragic because most of these accidents could have been prevented with a few simple steps.

For starters, put a pool fence around your pool. It must be at least 4 feet high with no gaps wider than 3 inches.

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Pool Guard Quality and Reputation

I recently met and sold a customer that had several different estimates for Swimming Pool Safety Fences and Swimming Pool Safety Nets from many of my competitors’ in town. She said there were two main factors which made Pool Guard stand above the others, pool safety fence quality and local reputation for quality installation.

She said that none of the others showed her the high-quality interlocking mesh that Pool Guard uses and while many did have reinforced aluminum poles,

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Proactive Safety

On Sat. 9/1 a five year old drowned and died in Miramar. It was not the home owner’s child but a friend of theirs. We did an estimate a month and a half ago for someone that live four doors down. They have now called and are wanting to us to put the fence in right away. The home owners of the incident are wanting a pool fence now as well. It is a shame that someone has to die for people to realize the importance of a safety fence for swimming pools.

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