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Archive for October, 2007

Pool Fences in Puerto Rico

Given the high number of swimming pools and the low number of pool fences and pool nets on the island of Puerto Rico, Pool Guard of Puerto Rico has received quite a warm welcome in just a few short months. We have spoken with several pool builders and they are welcoming us with open arms. “The quality of construction of pool fence materials and the independent free-standing gate are a welcomed advancement in pool safety fences here on the island”

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“Pool” Fences and Their Uses

Our Houston pool fence distributor recently installed pool fencing in a rather unusual place and for an unusual reason. He had a customer who collects very expensive antique cars and stores them in a building. The owner had Pool Guard of Texas install a pool fence to create separate parking spaces for the antique cars. Rick also recently installed a pool safety fence in a Houston day care center. The pool fence was used to separate the younger children from the older children.

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Pool Pet Fences

I received a call from a customer clear across the country, to thank me and tell me how glad she is that she put up a pool safety fence to keep her new puppy safe. She said she has no small children in the house, but the puppy is like her ‘baby’ and she was worried sick that he would fall into the swimming pool. She said now she can let the puppy outside to play and not ever have to worry about him.

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Autumn Pool Protection

For us Arizonians, October is the month we’ve all been waiting for. Relief from the 110 degrees days are fast approaching. This means people will start to venture outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather. Back yards will be usable again. Although we want you to enjoy our upcoming amazing weather (yes, this is why we can bare those hot summer months) we also want to warn you that since more time is going to spent in our own backyards water safety is still the most important aspect we need to stay focused on.

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