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Archive for December, 2007

Last Minute Holiday Gift

I recently received a call from the grandparents of a small child who realized at the last minute that their out of state grandson, who cannot swim, would be visiting for the holidays and that they have a swimming pool without protection. The big problem they were trying to solve was that it was Christmas Eve. Their son and family were on their way to Tampa and they couldn’t get a pool fence company on the phone,

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Pool Fence Objectives – A Practical Guide

All four sides of the pool should be completely enclosed with no more than a 2 inch gap. Enclosing patios while leaving other access points such as gates creates a false sense of security. The only sure proof solution is to enclose the entire pool with the pool safety fence.

A minimum height of four feet is recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics and every drowning prevention committee in the United States,

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Pool Fences for Puppies

Nydia called us for a quote for a pool fence because she was worried about her “babies”. Upon arrival and several minutes of idle chat we were introduced to her ‘babies’ – dogs to be exact and six of them that have a strong liking of the swimming pool in the hot Puerto Rico sun. Her concern was a common one. Two of the dogs were getting a little on the higher age side and she found one treading water last week and it startled her.

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Pool Fence Safety Case Study

We recently installed a fence for a lady who lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. She has six grandchildren ranging in age from two years old to eight years old. She babysits for them often, but was tremendously worried about pool safety and that one of the children would accidentally fall into the swimming pool.

She did some research and found that the most cost effective and most efficient way to solve her problem was to have a removable pool safety fence installed.

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Year Round Swimming Pool Safety

In December most people aren’t thinking about being poolside, but due to our climate here in Phoenix Arizona, this is the time of year when many people are gathering around the pool. We have terrific weather in December that allows us to sit poolside and feel the warmth of the sun.

Our children begin to play outside and family and friends gather to visit. This is the time people get distracted by the weather and tend to forget about pool safety and needless accidents occur.

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