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Archive for January, 2008

A Paramedic’s View of Pool Fences

As a paramedic/firefighter here in the Phoenix area, I’m a first responder to child drownings. Having a pool fence is an essential part of your backyard if you have a swimming pool. A common misconception is that a child will always be watched. Having met people who had shared this belief AFTER their has drowned is etched in my soul. Installing a swimming pool safety fence is a small price to pay for a child’s safety.

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Natural Disasters and Pool Safety

Here in San Diego we recently have experienced one of the worst natural disasters in Southern California’s history – uncontrollable wildfires. This has posed a number of problems concerning pool safety.

The first deals with individuals whose homes have burned and are now unlivable. I personally experienced this myself when I lived in New Orleans and my home was damaged due to Hurricane Katrina. The first thing I did as far as home restoration was concerned was to secure my pool area.

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Secret Santa Gives a Pool Fence For Christmas

Christmas is all about being with family, sharing the joys that the season can bring and watching our kids anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus. Even adults get giddy waiting for the magic of Santa and viewing hm through a child’s eyes. Well, who says you have to be a kid to enjoy Santa? Pool Guard of Arizona was recently contacted by a “Secret” Santa who wanted to give his daughter,

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How Pool Fences Can Prevent Accidents….

Even when a child knows how to swim!

Recently a five year old boy who knew how to swim fell into his backyard swimming pool. When he fell in he was wearing his clothing and shoes and he panicked and was not able to swim. Luckily, the little boy’s father was nearby and pulled him out of the pool and administered mouth-to-mouth resucitation.

Pool Guard installed the pool fence around the pool on the very day the little boy was released from the hospital.

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The A,B,C & D’s of Pool Safety

This is a great way to remember the importance of safety around the family swimming pool and to keep small children safe:

*A – Adult Supervision: It is important to remember that there is no substitute for adult supervision when small children have access to a swimming pool. Always appoint one adult as the “designated supervisor”.

* – Barriers: These include pool fences and self-closing gates. By installing a pool fence and a reliable self-closing walk-thru gate you are insuring that you have created a complete barrier between a small child and the pool.

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