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Archive for February, 2008

Full Time Protection – Fence OR Net

“Should we buy a pool net or a pool fence?” is the first question we receive daily at Pool Guard of Puerto Rico. Mrs. Rodriguez was not different in the fact that she wanted to protect her pool. The reason was not because of children and not even because of grandchildren. The reason was simply liability. Mrs. Rodriguez travels frequently back and forth to Miami and fears that the little foot prints she has found around her pool may turn into a not so happy situation.

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A Wakeup Call

Last week I was called to a house in New Braunsfels to install a pool safety fence. Two days prior the owners’ two month old puppy fell in the pool and despite the owner jumping in and performing CPR, the little pup did not make it. The owners then realized how urgent it was to keep their two and a half year old daughter safe from an accident. You can imagine the thoughts and scenarios that the mother was thinking of now and what could happen to her daughter without a pool fence to protect her.

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Pool Guard Makes An Impression

Recently we installed a Pool Guard pool fence for a customer who had just purchased a new home. He had a pool fence which had been installed by another company at his old home, but now needed a new pool fence for his new home and was referred to Pool Guard. The pool fence installation at the new home was tricky – it involved using a special technique in order to make the fence secure;

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Pool Guard Saves The Day In a “Giant” Way!

On the Saturday morning before the Super Bowl we received a telephone call from a potential customer who was in dire straights. He and his wife were planning a large Super Bowl party the next day and realized that there were going to be several small children at their home for the festivities. He desperately needed a pool fence installed THAT day. He realized that with a house full of adults glued to the Super Bowl nobody would be properly watching the little ones,

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Pool Fences and Handicapped Children

It’s natural for people to associate a swimming pool safety fence with a baby or toddler and keeping them safe around the backyard swimming pool; however, a pool fence can keep others safe as well.

Over the years we’ve installed many pool fences for people with handicapped children. While those children may have been older than toddler age, they are also as vulnerable, if not more so, to an accident. Parents of handicapped children have recognized the need to protect their pool from their children accidentally moving their wheelchair too close to the edge of the pool or a freak accident that could occur.

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A Pool Fence Could Have Prevented This Tragedy

This week was a devastating week for drownings and near drownings here in Broward County, Florida. In one instance, in Sunrise, Florida, two small children slipped out of the house and drowned in the backyard swimming pool. The reporter for a local television affiliate who covered this tragedy mentioned several times in his report that a pool fence would have saved the lives of the two little girls, aged 4 and 5.

In a separate incident,

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