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Archive for March, 2008

Pets Need Protection Too

The old saying that dog is man’s best friend holds true. Many owners cherish their pets and I must admit I am one of those people. I have installed two pool fences in the past month for families with no children, but have elderly dogs that are prone to falling in the swimming pool. A pool safety fences is an excellent choice for protecting dogs and cats of all ages, especially when the pets are very young or very old.

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Pool Safety For The Elderly

Pool safety is not just a necessary concern for parents with young children. The subject of pool safety and pool fences has many faces. I recently installed a fence for a family that had no small children and no pets. The pool fence was installed for their elderly mother. They had a couple of scary moments with their mother being around the pool. Unfortunately, the mother has Alzheimer’s disease and is no longer aware of the dangers of the swimming pool.

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In The Nick of Time

Recently Marisela Montes, of POOL GUARD OF PUERTO RICO, was doing a presentation on the benefits of having a pool fence on the pool deck for a homeowner in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Approximately half way through the presentation on the pool deck, the homeowners’ small son wandered around behind his parents during the discussion of whether they should have a pool net or a pool safety fence installed and the three year old fell into the pool.

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Pool Safety – Up Close & Personal

While installing a pool fence at a house where the owners were in the process of moving in I had the misfortune of experiencing first hand the dangers of pools and children. Setting up to drill the holes I had marked out on the deck surface I observed a child approximately 5 years of age playing in the yard close to the patio. I thought nothing of him being out in the yard as long as he was a fair distance from my work area and I figured his parents were keeping an eye on him.

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Self Closing Pool Fence Gate

We recently answered a call from a customer who needed a pool safety fence installed and had been calling around to get estimates. The reason she called Pool Guard of Tampa Bay was because of our self-closing gate that she saw in one of our advertisements. She liked the safety aspect and the convenience of such a pool gate, but when she called around for estimates she was told she could only be provided with a telephone estimate and was told that self-closing pool gates were expensive and were not safe.

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