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Broward Sheriff’s (Florida) Office announces plans to combat drowning

Broward Sheriff’s Office announces plans to combat child drowning
The Broward Sheriff’s Office (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) has announced plans to increase public awareness to stop accidental drownings of children under age 5.
The Broward Sheriff’s Office, Children’s Service Council of Broward County and the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County announced yesterday they will spend about $60,000 on the campaign.
Volunteers will hang door hangers and pass out fliers about infant drowning.

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Pool safety is not just a necessary concern for parents with children. The subject of pool safety has many faces. I recently installed a fence for a family that had all grown children and no pets. The fence was installed for their elderly mother. They had a couple of scary moments with their mother and the pool. Unfortunately, the mother has Alzheimers and is no longer aware of the dangers of the swimming pool.

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Toddler Drowns In Family Pool

Another tragic death in San Antonio that could have been prevented by Pool Guard. A two-year old died after his father found him floating in the pool. They could not find the boy so after searching for several minutes, they checked the pool. The father began CPR and he was taken to the hospital by AirLife. The boy died over night. The police said there was no fence around the pool. If they had a pool safety fence installed,

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Close Call

Talk about a customer that is sold! I recently received a phone call from a father that wanted to buy a pool net or a fence…he did not know which one or for that matter he did not care. We continued to discuss the purpose and the function of each one and the age of the children that he was trying to protect. Upon concluding that he would need a fence, his comment to me was simple…”I cannot BELIEVE I was so irresponsible to have a pool and not protect my children,”

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Arizona Pool Safety, “Two Seconds is Too Long”

In the upcoming July issue of Arizona Parenting magazine, Tim and Gina Maloney of Pool Guard of Arizona are featured under the annual water safety promotion write up. The article tells of what drives Tim and Gina to promote drowning prevention and why pool fencing is necessary when you have children around pools. The Phoenix Fire Department has had a long running campaign of “Two Seconds is Too Long”, and Tim being a fire fighter brings this down to the customer level when we they are face to face working with people thinking about purchasing a pool fence.

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We recently installed a fence in the Tampa Bay area. The customer selected Pool Guard because our interlocking mesh is stronger and more transparent than the standard textilene fence that most of our competitors sell. They were also very concerned about installing a fence in a thin paver deck because they were told by one of my competitors that they can not install a fence in a thin paver deck. I assured them they we have special sleeves and reinforcement methods we use when dealing with a pool safety fence in thin pavers,

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Elderly Pool Safety is Important and Often Over looked!

It is very important to keep children safe around the pool. Often times, the elderly are overlooked when it comes to safety. Did you know that the Pool Safety Act includes the elderly? Keeping our parents and grandparents safe is just as important. The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act states: “Medically frail elderly person” means any person who is at least 65 years of age and has a medical problem that affects balance,

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