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Archive for June, 2008

Tune In To Fox Channel 10

Two children have drowned this week in the Phoenix metro area. A 3 year old and 6 year old lost their lives in back yard pools where adults were present. This has sparked an out cry of what parents can do to keep their kids safe from pools. July 3rd Fox news channel 10 will feature fire fighters Tim Maloney and Wes Patterson providing options for parents to protect their kids from back yard swimming pools.

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Flotation Swimsuits

Swimming pools are a lot of fun and a fresh relief to escape the summer heat, but they also come with a lot of responsibility for your children when it comes to pool safety. You may already have a safety fence, and perhaps a baby pool fence, but there are other ways that can make the pool safer for your children. Try a flotation swimsuit, which is a special bathing suit with a flotation panel attached,

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New House

Can you close on your house? We recently got a call from one of our local Real Estate Brokers in a panic. “I need you to put a pool fence in a house today, can you do it?” Our install team was already out on the streets and would not be back until 4:00. “We can do it but it will be later this evening.” What happened? The broker proceeded to explain that the closing of the house could not be done until a pool fence was installed.

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An elderly woman called Pool Guard last week panicked about an accident that had occurred the day before. The woman’s husband had passed away several years earlier and her only family remaining was a her little dog she called Lolly. Lolly and this woman are very close, after all, they are all they have. It had been very nice the past couple of days so the women and Lolly played together outside quite a bit.

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