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Archive for July, 2008

Keep Your Eyes On The Kids

Florida has the highest unintentional drowning rate in the nation for children ages 1-4 with the numbers increasing each year. The Florida Department of Health has initiated a Drowning Prevention Campaign. Part of their campaign is the Water Watchers Pledge which is:

To Help protect children from drowning I will…

Constantly watch the children who are in or near water and keep them within reach.

Give this tag to another adult who agrees to actively watch the children if I need to leave for any reason.

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Clayre Foundation

The summer months are in full swing, and many people turn to pools as a way to beat the heat. One valley family is working to help keep your loved ones safe.

Clayre Rukavina, only 1-year-old, drowned in her family pool just one day before her father planned on installing a pool fence in their backyard. She’s just one of two children who have drowned so far this year, along with several near drownings.

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Conversations Can Save Lives!

I was speaking with a developer/ builder in Puerto Rico and he mentioned that a friend of his nephew’s was in the hospital due to a pool injury. I asked what kind of pool injury and he said it was a near drowning while at a friends house. We spoke briefly about the child’s condition and some of the ways it could have been prevented. I reminded him that we have Pool Guard Pool Safety Fencing and Nets and that it would be a good idea to consider that as a viable option for their home.

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