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Archive for January, 2009

Cupey, PR

We got a call last we from a husband that requested us to visit his home as he wanted a pool safety net for his pool and a pool fence place around the perimeter of the mezzanine in order to contain the child when they have the back door to the back yard open. Upon completion of the pool net and pool fence, Dr. Hernandez was quite pleased as the added benefit fo keeping his child in the mezzanine also acted as a barrior to keep their dog out of the mezzanine…the benefits of Pool Guard continue to grow!

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Davie, FL

Mr. Negron contacted Pool Guard of Southern Florida in order to comply with the Florida law that requires every pool have a pool safety device..be it a pool fence or a pool net. Upon arrival, Dave McDowell of Pool Guard provided an in depth consultation between the two products and gave Mr. Negron a suggested direction. Mr. Negron elected to go with a Pool Safety Fence from Pool Guard with a self closing gate due to the durability and Dave’s prompt service.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mrs. Gomez contacted Pool Guard of Puerto Rico because she was going to have a birthday party at her property that was on the water in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The property faced the water and had a water retaining wall without any sort of protection to keep small children from falling into the water. After arriving at the property and providing a free estimate, we agreed to an installation date the following week.

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Dorado, Puerto Rico

Last week we received a call from a client that had placed a contract on a home with a pool. The bank that was doing the loan simply would not close the transaction due to the fact that the pool did not have a fence around it. She was frantic as she was moving to Puerto Rico from the US mainland and needed a pool fence installed immediately. We explained to her that we carry some inventory and that we could do the job without any delay as she needed to close on the house on December 31 (we got the call on December 26th).

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Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Marisela received a call with a simple plea…”we live in Italy and need a pool fence in our house in Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic,can you help us?” After a brief discussion of the product, Marisela asked her when they needed it. The owners explained they needed it as soon as possible as they were going to be there on vacation for a month and they had two small children that did not swim well.

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Humacao, Puerto Rico

“Three times!, my grandchildren have fallen in the pool three times and we finally decided that we need a pool fence,” stated Dr. Vasquez. Dr. Vasquez, now retired, enjoys his days around his house with his grandchildren of which his wife takes care of during the day while their mom and dad are at work. “Pools are beautiful and great to have until you think about the bad things that can happen if a child falls into one when they are not being watched or do not have a pool fence.”

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Davie, Florida

Many parents consult with pool fence companies about which fence they want. However, Marquez B. was different as he consulted Pool Guard to decide which was better for him, a pool fence or a pool net. “I liked speaking with Dave as he has the benefit of carrying both the nets and the fences, whereas, most companies want to pitch you only what they have. I went with Pool Guard of Miami because I felt Dave simply explained both products and what was best for me based on our protective needs”.

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Miami, Florida

The first concern that Mrs.Colon had upon the installation of her fiberglass pre-fabricated pool was safety. After speaking with several different pool fence companies she elected to go with Pool Guard. ” I just felt like Dave was someone that understood our pool safety needs and had a stronger product” remarked Mrs. Colon. After reviewing the extensive color selection that Pool Guard offers she elected to go with a beige border a beige pole and beige mesh.

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