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“We would like a pool net installed tomorrow for our beach home in Miami, Florida, is this possible?” Dave from Pool Guard of Miami responded with an astounding “yes, I have an opening around 8:00 tomorrow,why the urgency?” We found a kids shirt next to the pool chairs and we don’t have kids, so we know that some kids from the neighborhood have been taking liberties with our pool in our absence explained the homeowner.

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“Do I get a pool safety fence or a pool safety net?” A simple question from Frank Henandez to Dave of Pool Guard of Puerto Rico in Miami, Florida when he call Pool Guard of Miami. “Can we schedule and appointment for a review of your pool safety needs tomorrow?” Mr. Hernandez was more than happy to oblige as well as show off his newest addition to his home…his swimming pool. After reviewing the needs of the homeowner and pointing out all of the key factors that Pool Fences provide along with a self closing,

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West Palm Beach, Florida

A new house is what the Sanchez family had wanted for a while and until recently, a house on the water was, well overpriced. With the recent “adjustment” in housing prices they purchased their dream home. However, it was missing one item…a fence along the front of the property to prevent the kids from wondering into the water. After reviewing cyclone fence, pvc fence (all of which obstructed the view that they had been wanting),

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Cooper City,Florida

“Pool safety is not just about protecting your kids”. A profound statement coming from Dave of Pool Guard in Miami as he merely recapped what they had quickly learned two weeks ago. Sandy and Bob had a little evening get together for their 10th wedding anniversary at their newly purchased home. Their kids Daniel 10, and Lisa 8, are very strong swimmers and actually compete with a recreational swim team through the local city recreational department.

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