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Archive for April, 2009

West Palm Beach, FL

Pool Guard Pool Nets are providing safety in Koi ponds and Swimming Pools. Dave of Pool Guard recently installed four nets on at one residence after an in depth conversation with the owner about not only protecting his swimming pool with a pool safety net but to secure his Koi ponds with a safety net as the potential risk is the same which the homeowner had not really thought about. After a thorough review of the potential hazards of the different water features around the property,

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Miami, FL

“Why should I get a pool safety net?” was the first question Roger Ramirez asked Dave at Pool Guard. Dave had three simple points. 1)Our pool nets are put on with painstaking pride so that they are not just aesthetically aligned but are tight enough to exceed ASTM standards. 2)We take the time and review the installation and removal process so that you as a homeowner understand the mechanics of the pool net.

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Webster, Texas

Every person in possession of land or premises within the corporate limits, either as owner, purchaser under another, lessee, tenant or licensee upon which is situated an outdoor swimming pool shall at all times maintain upon such land or premises on which the outdoor swimming pool is located, a fence wall or solid barrier completely surrounding and enclosing such outdoor pool on such land or premises. The fence wall or barrier required by this subsection shall not be less than five feet in height with no openings,

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The most common question I get about our Pool Safety Fence is, “Is this made in China?” stated D. McDowell of Pool Guard of Miami. Our pool fence, as is our self closing, self latching,lockable gates are made right here in our great state of Florida and it comes with a lifetime warranty. That makes me proud as an installer and it makes me proud to sell it, given the times we are in and so many things are “outsourced”

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Gilbert, Arizona

Tragically, a three year old boy who was visiting the Phoenix Arizona area died from drowning in a swimming pool. Authorities said the residential home had a fence however, the gate was propped open.

It is extremely important to have a self closing and self latching gate for your pool fence. And, never propped the gate open as it defeats the safety purpose. This also can cause additional strain on the gate hinges which may cause them to fail.

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El Mirage, Arizona

El Mirage, Arizona rescue crews said a 3-year-old boy was in critical condition Friday night after nearly drowning in a backyard pool. El Mirage Fire Spokesman Howard Munding said CPR was started before rescue crews got on scene, and that may have saved his life. Munding said there was no pool fence.

The leading cause of accidental death for children is drowning. Hopefully, this young boy won’t suffer the devastating consequences of a near drowning.

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