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Archive for December, 2009

Pool Safety Gates

There are a variety of safety pool fences and devices that can keep your swimming pool a safe place to be around. One of the many items to consider is how your pool gates function. Some people choose to have only one gate and this is fine for a smaller residential sized pool.

If we are discussing a community or commercial pool, then having multiple access points is of more concern.

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Pool Safety Fences – A True Story

One day I was talking to a customer about a fence, and we went outside to measure it. Myself, the mother, and her 3 year old daughter were outside by the pool. As we were looking at the brochure (maybe a minute or so ) we heard a splash. Her daughter had walked away from her side around the pool and fell in. I rushed around the pool to reach down and grab her daughter’s arm as she was slowly sinking back first in the pool.

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