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Archive for January, 2010

Dorado, Puerto Rico

Often the call we receive for pool safety fence or pool safety nets is from a parent that wants the product. Last week we received a call from a parent that did not want the product. “I simply do not want it in the back yard be it a pool fence or a pool net, we spent thousands of dollars to make this backyard look great and I do not want anything to interfere.”

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Gonzalez family had lost a family member in Florida three years ago, a niece that fell into the pool when she was not being properly supervised. They just purchased a house in Encantada and the home has a pool. Their first decision was to buy a pool safety fence and “Pool Guard of Puerto Rico has the reputation of quality products and quality customer service and came highly recommended by one of our friends,

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Ponce, Puerto Rico

After making a call to his pool guy, Mr. Sanchez got the number for Pool Guard of Puerto Rico. “They came and provided me with an estimate for pool fence the same day, service that I have not seen in a long time ”. “The pool safety fence was what was best for us provided we have several kids under the age of 3 years old”. We would recommend Pool Guard of Puerto Rico for anyone in need of pool safety fence on the island.

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Hollywood, Florida

After an extensive search for pool safety covers, we contacted Pool Guard. Our comfort level was very strong with Dave of Pool Guard Miami as he offered all three forms of safety devices for the pool. A removable pool safety cover was our solution. It was nice working with a company that offered all three products (pool safety nets, pool safety fences, and pool safety covers) so that we did not have the pressure to buy the “one” product that some other companies offered.

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West Palm Beach, FL

We just wanted to send a quick note to say that we decided to go with the Pool Safety Fence and we love it. Dave McDowell of Pool Guard Miami spoke with us about the advantages of Pool Safety Fence, Pool Safety nets, and Pool Safety Covers. After an extensive review of all three products that Pool Guard offers, we are pleased to announce that the fence was the option he felt was best for us and we agree.

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Miami, Florida

2009 was a rough year in the real estate market and the amount of repossessions in the Miami market was very high. Given the geographic location of this tropical paradise most of those homes have pools, a sign of the recent economic boom. What does a bank do when they have repossessed houses with pools that are unprotected? They call Pool Guard of Miami. Dave McDowell of Pool Guard of Miami has been very busy this year working with banks and real estate brokers to provide pool safety fences and pool safety covers for many vacant properties.

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