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Archive for September, 2010

Conway, Arkansas

Backyard Paradise has a stellar reputation in the pool business. JD Carter has been around for some time in this business. We know because he built our pool a number of years ago. In June we realized that we needed a pool safety fence (we now have an 8 month old). We contacted JD Carter to ask him if he knew someone that installed pool fences. The ironic part is he had started with Pool Guard in early 2010.

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Shafter, CA

A pool cover or a pool net? Sounds like a simple question until I asked an expert from Perfect Pool Fence. Craig and I chatted for almost a half an hour about the benefits and we decided that a pool safety net was the direction we wanted to go. I appreciate your HONEST opinion and great service. Please post this note in your office or portfolio as I have become a fan of Pool Guard!

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Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

Carlos, I just wanted to send you a brief note to say thank you for your assistance with our pool cover for our home in Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic. We know that providing any type of quality product is not easy there and we are very pleased with the quality of the pool cover as well as your service. We will certainly be happy to provide a reference to your business if needed.

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Sherman, Texas

We appreciate you and your install team for not making a mess when installing our pool safety fence. The landscapers just finished and we were worried that you and your team may make a mess. The pool fence looks great and I have to say that we like the color of the pool fence (this is one of the reasons we chose Pool Guard) and the self closing gate. Thanks for “keeping it clean”.

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Silver Springs, Maryland

Thanks for providing outstanding service on our pool safety fence. We called you first because our neighbor Sandy and Tim have one of your pool fences and they were pleased with the service and the quality of the pool safety fence. The fence looks great and the gate is such a luxury, well necessity when you have a child and you are leaving the pool with one hand on the child and the other is simply used to open the pool gate.

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Alexandria, Virginia

We are so happy we contacted Pool Guard for our pool fence. The back yard is open as is all of our neighbors and while we enjoy the pool and the view the concern has always been that someone (a child) will wander into our backyard and something tragic may happen. This concern was really driven home when we found a rabbit in the pool that could not make it out of the pool.

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Scott, you did a wonderful job with our pool fence installation. Our pool fence was probably one of the smaller installations he has had to do around our area but we are very pleased with the look of the fence and the installation. Thank you for not only doing a great job but for also being on time (I only have one day a week off and I have to complete my weekly tasks in one day,

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West Palm Beach, Florida

We recently had a pool cover installed in our pool with Dave from Pool Guard of West Palm Beach. The cover we had installed was of the mesh type of material in Blue. We are very pleased with the end product. We had a little delay on the install due to rain reschedules but Dave is really a very accommodating person and he did an outstanding job with the install of the pool safety cover at our beach house.

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Collinsville, Texas

Pool Guard of North Texas recently installed a pool safety net on our 20’ by 40’ pool. The install looks great and I have to say I am amazed that the pool net is as tight as it is. I was skeptical at first I must admit but Derek explained that there would be to STS or CTS systems (not sure what he called them) and he was right as rain!

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Visalia, CA

Mike with Pool Guard recently installed a pool fence for us with a self closing gate. As a grandparent my number one priority is the safety of the grandchildren, while it has been five months since it was installed, we are very happy with the product and just so you know, I am able to take it out and put it in by myself in less than 20 minutes. Not bad for a…well,

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