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Archive for January, 2011

Wichita, Kansas

Lance Pierce recently installed a pool safety fence around our pool. While the color selection of pool fence he has to offer was tremendous we elected to go with the black and I have to say, the end result is spectacular. We recommend Pool Guard of Wichita for anyone that needs a pool fence. Lance will be a welcome asset to your pool safety needs. The fence has a great warranty…we know as we checked around with other products and if we had to do it again,

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Canary Islands

Thanks for a great looking pool fence Dave! We looked at several other companies products here and we feel that your pool fence and pool safety gate were hands down the best looking product. We have another house in Spain that we plan on having Pool Guard install a pool fence there as well. Cheers!

Randall C.

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Paloma, CA

Craig, Thanks for the great job on our pool safety fence. We are very happy.

Paula & John Rotelle

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Rock Springs, CA

Our all beige pool safety fence from Pool Guard looks great. The guys from Perfect Home Products did a great job with the drilling (we were concerned about chipping) for the posts and the fence is super sturdy and tight. Great job, we will refer you to our neighbors.

Josh and Denise V.

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Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

A recently finished KOI pond trio in the back yard of a summer home in Casa de Campo recently received a pool safety net as the owner was concerned with the curiosity of their four year old with the KOI fish that he may fall in the somewhat deep pond and contacted Pool Guard for a consultation. After an in depth review of the various products the owners elected to have a pool safety net installed for safety purposes.

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Bakersfield, California

We looked at two different pool fence companies and their products and by far perfect home products pool fence (Pool Guard) was by far felt more durable, the price was the best and they installed it the same week. Nice to do business with a company that offers a great value on a product. Thanks!

V. Valispo

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Fresno, California

The representative from Pool Guard of Fresno recently visited our house (Mike Thompson) and had a great consultation with us in regards to what safety product we should use to protect our pool. We have two small children (one is a baby and the other is four years old). Mike presented us with all of the options including pool covers and after the full review we decided that a pool fence was our best option for our yard and our children and the age they are.

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Daytona Beach, Florida

24 Degrees will pretty much close all pools in terms of use but if the pool does not have a pool fence or safety cover how “closed” is the pool? A fall into a warm pool is certainly a safety hazard for a small child however a fall into a COLD pool certainly brings about other aspects of problems, hypothermia, shock, and a host of other possible issues. Having a pool fence around your pool is smart no matter what time of the year.

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Cupey, Puerto Rico

We needed a pool safety fence the next day as we had some guests that announced they were going to bring their children to our Christmas party and when we contacted Pool Guard of Puerto Rico, they had inventory and were able to install it the next day! Thanks for the great service and the pool fence looks great!

E. Diaz

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La Romana, Dominican Republic

Pool Safety Fences, Pool Safety Nets, and Pool Safety Covers are now being offered in the geography of La Romana Dominican Republic. “We have continued to get calls and install pool fences in La Romana,” stated Carlos Berrios, “however, we are now taking a very strong approach to marketing in this specific market due to the increasing awareness of pool safety needed with such large estate pools in Casa de Campo”. “We take pool safety seriously and we have the widest selection of colors and products in the pool safety market in the Dominican Republic,

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