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Archive for February, 2011

Fort Myers, Florida

Fred installed our pool safety net last month and we have taken it off and put it on several times with ease. We appreciate Fred’s patience with us (he worked on other aspects of our pool as well).

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Miami, Florida

just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks to Dave for doing an incredible job on my pool safety net. We got two quotes and Dave with Pool Guard is really the one that we felt most comfortable with. He explained the product, how it works and the price was competitive. We would recommend Dave of Pool Guard of Miami to anyone.

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Arecibo, Puerto Rico

We recently had to replace our pool fence as it had been torn apart by limbs falling on it and our neighbors dog (they have since moved!). The service, price and installation of our new pool fence was certainly very fair considering the quality of the materials and the warranty.

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La Romana, Dominican Republic

Pool Safety Fences, Pool Safety Nets and Pool Safety Covers are now being offered in the geography of La Romana Dominican Republic. “We have continued to get calls and install pool fences in La Romana,” stated Carlos Berrios, “however, we are now taking a very strong approach to marketing in this specific market due to the increasing awareness of pool safety needed with such large estate pools in Casa de Campo. “We take pool safety seriously and we have the widest selection of colors and products in the pool safety market in the Dominican Republic,

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Daytona, Florida

Sometimes a pool cover is the best solution for a client with severe “tree leaf issues” stated Dan Kos of Pool Guard in Volusia. The skimmer gets full too fast which creates a strain on the entire pool system when there are many trees around the pool or a strong wind from a given direction that can blow leaves into the pool. Pool safety covers catch the leaves without retaining water (not all covers let the water pass through so make sure you get one that does or put a small pump on top of the cover to keep from creating a pool on top of the pool).

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I just wanted to thank Dave McDowell and Scott for their lightning fast service and incredible knowledge regarding the various pool safety products. We thought we wanted a pool net, but after our conversation with Dave and weighing the different benefits, we chose the pool fence with the gate (I know I would end up leaving the fence open otherwise). Thanks again guys! C. Campbell

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West Palm Beach, Florida

Pool “season” is quickly upon us while the temperature has not hit the point of regular season we know that now is an important time to think about pool safety especially when pools are starting to get opened back up. If you are using a pool safety cover for winter and are opening your pool, please make sure you have your pool fence in place. If your pool fence needs a repair or you need a re-install of existing pool fence or just a new pool fence altogether,

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Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

“Pool Guard was recommended to us by our neighbor as was the pool builder we used. Upon contacting Pool Guard we asked about pool fences and pool nets and one suggestion they made was to put the fence up BEFORE there was water in the pool to protect our kids and pets…that thought had never dawned on me, so we had our pool safety fence installed immediately, it’s amazing the things you don’t think of when your back yard is torn apart for construction!” We would certainly recommend Pool Guard for their “expert eye” in securing our pool or yours for that matter!

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Miami, Florida

Pool Guard of Miami is pleased to announce the addition of two additional product lines. Pool safety covers and automatic pool covers. “We realize that there is inherent need to both protect a pool and conserve energy and by using a pool cover, homeowners get the dual benefit” stated Dave McDowell of Pool Guard of Miami. While pool safety fences continue to be the law as well as the gold standard for pool safety,

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Naples, Florida

Thank you for your time and explanation between pool safety fences and pool safety nets. We really did not know which direction to go with our pool. The pool fence has provided us with the “layer of protection” that we need for our home while we are gone for the summer. Thanks Fred, your team was professional and certainly did a great job on the fence and left our pool looking great.

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