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Archive for March, 2011

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Our backyard is open and we just had a pool built. It never crossed my mind that the neighbors kids would be playing in our pool WHILE we were at work. I came home early and found them in the pool. Needless to say, we called Pool Guard the next day and had a removable pool fence installed. I can rest at ease while at work now.

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Port Charlotte, Florida

We recently had the guys from Freedom Pools install our pool fence and wanted to share our experience with you. Fred was very nice to work with and very professional. I am glad he recommended the pool safety gate. I know that they care deeply about what they do as it reflects in their professionalism and the actual installation of the pool fence. Thanks Fred!

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Fisher Island, Florida

Just a quick note to you all for the outstanding job you did on the pool fence we recently had installed here. The owner was very pleased with the look (all beige). Thanks for the prompt service and spotless install.

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Marco Island, Florida

Pool Guard has a great selection of color combinations. Our recent remodel had us in a quandary in regards to what to do about pool safety. An automatic pool cover was not possible due to the waterfall and since our exterior designer was used to working with pool fence, she recommended Pool Guard because of the extensive color selection. I must say we are very pleased with the results of the pool safety fence.

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Little Rock, Arkansas

Pool Guard of Arkansas is pleased to announce that we have added pool safety covers and automatic pool covers to our pool safety portfolio. We look forward to making your pool safe.

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Fayetteville, Arkansas

We just did an estimate on a home that has a pool safety cover. The home owners put the pool safety cover on the pool for the winter but like the convenience of a pool fence (especially with a safety gate). It was certainly refreshing to hear the words “multiple layers of protection” come from the parents. We have scheduled the pool fence installation for the end of next week.

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Marco Island,FL

These are the ones I love. Showed up to the home to give estimate on pool fence and pool net. Husband and wife sitting there deciding which one to get. They went with the pool fence with a pool gate.

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Cape Coral,FL

Went and did an install of the pool safety fence yesterday for a condominium. The property manager was very please with the work after I was all done spent another thirty minutes explaining things to him about pool fence, pool gate. And that the pool gate was self latching.

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Naples, FL

So I received a call from a customer that I had installed a pool safety fence for last year.She wanted to know if there was an easier safe way to enter her pool area because the pole were to hard for to unlatch with the baby in one arm. So I showed her the self closing pool gate again and what do you know she loved the idea. Going back tomorrow to install the pool fence self closing gate.

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Today I installed a pool fence for a family that badly needed it. Their two favorite little family members (two pugs) love the water, but, cannot swim without their doggy life jackets. We all know that pool fencing, pool nets and pool covers are a great way to keep our kids safe. A pool safety fence will keep your pets safe too.

Paul Wehan

Pool Guard Of Dana Point

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