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Archive for April, 2011

Arlington, Virginia

Pool Safety is a concern for those of us that do not have children but have neighbors that do have children that look at our pool as if they are in the desert and our pool is the last oasis. We recently had a pool safety net put on our pool to keep the “lighter traffic” out while we are away. I came home yesterday and the neighbor’s kid (ye the one that is always in trouble!) was in our back yard but did not see me.

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Woodbridge, Virginia

Vern is so nice! We recently purchased a new home and contacted him to install a pool safety fence for us. I just wanted to make sure that I put the spotlight on Vern because he did a great job and we are very pleased with our pool fence and the gate. Thanks Pool Guard!

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Baltimore, Maryland

I had to take a moment to express my appreciation for your service and product. We have had some hit and miss weather here and last week, we had a day that was decent (enough to go outside and play for the kids a little bit). I opened the door to the back yard and my phone rang, I went to the kitchen and when I returned the door was open and my daughter was out next to the fence.

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Marathon, Florida

We recently had a pool safety cover installed by your team in Miami. The cover looks awesome, my husband is thrilled that he does not have to dig leaves out of the system daily and

It safe for our grand kids to be around! Certainly if you have a pool and a chronic leave issue, then we would recommend calling Pool Guard.

B. Riggow

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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

We recently had a pool fence installed in our backyard around our pool. The color selection was amazing and the self closing gate makes sense for anyone that truly intends on keeping the fence up and using it the way it was designed. Thanks Pool Guard of Puerto Rico. Dr. Lopez

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Annapolis, MD

Recently had a couple that bought fence from a do it yourself company for pool fencing. After several hours of frustration, the husband (Tom) called me to ask what I would charge for the installation. We agreed upon the price and go it installed the before the end of the week. Many people think that pool safety fence is easy to install. A trained professional may take a half a day to a full day depending on the challenges,

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Fredericksburg, VA

We are so happy that we got our pool fence estimate from Pool Guard. We just moved to this house and the pool has continued to be an continuous concern since the day we fell in love with the house. Vern has been great and we look forward to our install next week. He took the time to review the reason to have a self-closing and locking gate.

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