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Archive for May, 2011

Naples, FL

Fred recently installed a Pool Guard pool safety fence(with safety gate) and we just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that we are very pleased with the quality of the product and the level of professionalism he provided.

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Guilden and his team recently put a pool fence or pool safety fence (not sure what it’s called as we call it a baby fence) around the pool and along the sea wall and what a relief it has been having that in place now. The owner of the house (we are renting) did not want the fence but after we all sat down for a meeting he realized the benefits of having this fence will be in regards to protecting my two small children).

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Daytona, Florida

Pool Guard of Volusia (Dan?) recently installed a pool fence around our pool and I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the final product. I really did not want a fence around our pool (we thought it was going to be ugly) but the final installed product really looks nice and very professional.

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Miami, Florida

Dave McDowell with Pool Guard Pool Fence recently put a pool safety net in at our vacation home in Miami. I thought it would be appropriate to point out a couple of key items that we observed. The first is that Dave and the other guy with him we right on time. The second, they were very fast with the installation of the safety net (I took the full Friday off to be on site and they were done in a half a day,

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Baltimore, MD

We just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with Vern. He is a true professional. He was on time and answered all of our questions and provided a detailed explanation for the pool safety fence, pool safety net and the automatic pool cover. We would certainly recommend him (and will).

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Recently had a guy call me to see if I would sell him some deck sleeves I said I sure would.Well after meeting him found out they bought some pool safety fence off a guy and was going to install it themselves. Of course I gave the some pointers and then the next day he calls me back to ask if I could install the pool safety fence for him. So I did then ended up putting Pool Guard safety fence in for him and at his son’s house.

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Bonita Springs,FL

Recently had a couple that bought fence from a do it yourself company for pool fencing. After several hours of frustration, the husband called me to ask what I would charge for the installation. We agreed upon the price and go it installed the before the end of the week. Many people think that pool safety fence is easy to install. A trained professional may take a half a day to a full day depending on the challenges,

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Had to go back to a job that I installed a pool safety fence and pool gate for a customer.I had thought he want to add more to it but that’s not the case,when I got to the home he showed me that he would like for me to install inside his house. New one for me but told him I could do it,so i will be installing pool safety fence and pool gates inside his home.

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Well I received a call from a lady about reinstalling her pool safety fence.When I got her home she was having her deck redone and needed to have pool safety fence reinstalled,she said no one would do it all they wanted was to sell her a new fence.Well I told I could do it for her,then she started to ask about a gate. I showed her our self closing pool safety gate and love so much I sold her a new pool safety fence.

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