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Archive for July, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Often people forget about their KOI ponds as possible safety hazards. As grandparents we did not give it much thought until we caught our grandson “fishing” with a stick trying to catch the KOI. Upon seeing him standing on the edge of the pond it registered that we need to put some safety measures in place. Ron (my husband) was referred Pool Guard of Puerto Rico for a pool safety fence or pool safety net.

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Little Rock, Arkansas

Pool safety fences (removable pool fences designed to secure a pool) continue to be a key product add on for Backyard Paradise when selling a pool. “It just makes sense to offer a safety solution to a person purchasing one of our pools” remarked JD Carter from Backyard Paradise. “We like to offer different safety products during the pool consultation which makes customers more comfortable with our company”. The diversified colors/color combination and the transparency of the fences make purchasing a removable pool safety fence a “no brainer”.

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MJ recently installed a pool fence for our home by the lake and we had never seen this type of product (pool safety fence) until we visited my sister in Florida. We are very pleased with the looks as well as the strength of the product around our pool. We certainly feel much better having our grand kids come over and play in the back yard know that a “pool guard pool fence” is protecting the pool.

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Conway, Arkansas

The summer is almost over and phone is starting to ring for pool covers in Arkansas for Backyard Paradise. “Certainly this year we seem to be getting more calls about pool covers and automatic pool covers as more and more people are becoming energy conscious” stated JD Carter. Safety is always a concern for pool owners, automatic pool covers allow for homeowners to have a layer of protection for their pool and conserve energy,

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Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

My husband finally decided that having a professional install the pool fence was the correct way to go (he is an engineer and thinks he can fix or install anything!). We talked with your local dealer here in Puerto Rico and he explained the product and reviewed everything thoroughly and the installation of the product looks great. I just wanted to say thank you. Regards, Lilly B.

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Carolina, Puerto Rico

We recently had an issue with our pool safety net and attempted to contact the other company on the island that installed the net originally to have some repairs done. After several calls and no shows we contacted the Pool Guard dealer here locally and they had someone out in two days and did all the repairs to make our pool net safe again. Good service should be recognized and we hope you pass this message along to the Pool Guard dealer in Puerto Rico.

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