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Archive for November, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland

We recently had Vern install our pool safety fence (we have grandchildren coming for the holidays) and we are very pleased with the results of how good the pool fence looks. The pool gate that locks is the most impressive aspect of the entire system. The pool fence is actually quite easy to remove by an adult. I thought at first it would be too easy but after seeing our neighbors 10 year old try,

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Daytona, Florida

Automatic pool covers save energy, save water and save chemicals…all resulting to saving money for the consumer. Pool Guard of Daytona is here to assist you with your pool safety needs.

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Naples, Florida

“Pool fence continues to be the product of choice for homeowners in the Naples, Florida area” stated Fred with Pool Guard of Naples. “We offer pool fence, pool gates and pool safety nets and automatic pool covers, but we continue to sell more pool fence I think simply due to the simplicity and safety of the product as well as the cost of the product” Fred added.

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West Palm Beach, Florida

Scott installed a pool safety fence at our newly purchased home and I must say, we did not have a gate on our last home in Fort Lauderdale and what a difference a pool fence with a gate makes. We actually had three installed on this set up and it is such a great convenience and a little pressure off having to remember to close the fence because the gates close by themselves.

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I am a pool builder here in the Ft. Lauderdale area and wanted to send an email to let you know what great experiences I have had with Pool Guard’s local dealer here in regards to pool safety fences, pool nets and pool safety covers. Dave does a great job every time! I recommend his services with every pool we build.

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Cooper City, Florida

We recently had a pool safety cover installed by Pool Guard and after looking online at the various pool covers available online (our pool is a kidney shaped pool) we decided that the custom made pool cover was the right direction as none of the factory pre-made covers would fit properly. The guy came out (Dan or Dave?) and measured the pool and presented the different color and material options and two weeks later it was installed.

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Miami, Florida

Many people are starting to think of closing their pools for the cooler months coming up. There are two simple options for covering your pool that are safe. Automatic pool covers come in a variety of colors and can fit most standard size pools that do not have any obstacles (pool ladder) and are able to have the tracks on both sides of the pool. The pricing of automatic pool covers is higher than pool safety covers however the convenience factor is tremendous as you simply need to turn a key or push some buttons (very James Bond).

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Laguna Beach , California

Winterizing your pool is part of pool ownership in areas where it cools off (not all of the US is like this). A great tool for winterizing your pool is a pool cover. Pool safety covers not only make your pool safe for the winter months but they also keep all of the leaves and debris out of your pool in the fall months. Pool Guard offers free estimates for pool safety covers and automatic pool covers,

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Key West, Florida

Pool covers certainly are a benefit during hurricane season. They keep all of the leaves, chairs and various items that fly around out of the pool. Erica from Erica’s Pool Service will be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate for your pool safety cover or automatic pool cover.

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