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Archive for February, 2012

Salt Lake City, Utah

Every pool should have layers for child pool safety. The options on the market range from alarms, pool safety fences, pool safety nets, pin down pool covers to automatic pool covers. The challenge with just having a pool alarm is that by the time the alarm goes off, the child is already in the pool which gives you seconds to get to the pool and save the child. The benefit of having a pool fence is there is a vertical barrier created to prohibit the child from entering the pool.

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Wilmington, Delaware

Spring is just around the corner which means that pool safety will become paramount (important year round however kids are out playing when the weather warms up). Pool safety fences, pool safety nets and of course automatic pool covers are all viable options to secure your pool this year. Contact the professionals with Pool Guard of Delaware for your free estimate today.

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Dover, Delaware

THANK YOU! Those words have never been spoken with greater meaning. Vernon with Pool Guard of Delaware recently installed a pool fence around our pool. The crazy weather we have been having has not made it easy for him to schedule the installation but he was very accomodating and the pool fence looks amazing. I was concerned about how the pool fence would go across the grass and up the steps however it really looks amazing.

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Denver, Colorado

We had a pool safety fence installed and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the pool safety fence as well as the baby gate. We would recommend Tony’s pool service for your pool fence needs. As a side note, they installed our pool safety cover in our last house and did an excellent job on that as well. Tony is a great guy!

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Bear’s Paw, Florida

Freedom Pool Service recently installed a pool safety fence

with a pool gate around our pool and spa last week. Fred did a great job. The

pool fence is straight and the holes he drilled were nice and neat. When he

left the pool and pool deck were as clean as when he got there. We would

recommend Fred for a pool fence for anyone that is looking.

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Port Charlotte, Florida

Fred Wilson of Pool Guard of Naples recently installed a

pool safety net on our pool (infinity edge) and it looks amazing. We thought we

were going to have to put a pool fence in however we found out that the pool

safety net is acceptable by code. It looks great, thanks Fred!

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Marco Island, Florida

A sea wall presents issues of safety for kids (and grandkids in our situation).

We had pool guard of Naples install a removable pool fence along our sea wall

and it looks very nice. We used a beige with blue mesh…it all but disappears

when you look to the ocean. Impeccableinstallation, we would use them again.

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Naples, Florida

Pool Guard of Naples did an incredible job on our pool fence to secure our pool. We needed

to close a permit on the pool (contractor never did it) so we hired Pool Guard

of Naples to take care of it and they did a great job. We are pleased with their

pool fence and the quality that Fred Wilson provided in regards to the actual


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Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Pool safety fences come in a couple of different heights as well as

come in a variety of colors. While black is wildly popular in the U.S.

mainland, all beige tends to be more popular in Puerto Rico than all black pool

fence by far. “We chose the beige because it matches our travertine floor and the

light beige color of our house”. Certainly Pool Guard has the most diverse

array of colors for pool safety fences in the market place,

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Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Pool safety fences are used for mostly pool safety for kids however recently Pool

Guard of Puerto Rico recently installed a pool safety fence for a set of twins…but

they were dogs! The homeowner has two identical Yorkie dogs. “We worry about them constantly and now with the dog pool safety fence, we can relax.”

The quality of the pool fence is very impressive and it looks great.

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