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Archive for March, 2012

Pool Fence Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“How tall should the pool fence be?”. This is the first question Mr. Simmons asked. The industry standard height is 4 feet tall. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a four foot fence with self-closing,self-latching and lockable baby gate. “Can I have a taller fence?” Certainly, we offer pool fence as tall as 5 feet tall. The key aspect of the fence is not only the height but also wehre you install the fence.

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Princeton, New Jersey

When it comes to pool safety, many home in our section of the country (Princeton, New Jersey) want products for their pools that are safe, reliable and from a company that knows the business. Most people purchase an automatic pool cover when they are building their pool however there is a segment that may purchase an automatic pool cover after they build the pool (budget plays a role). There are different levels of pool covers out on the market.

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Washington, D.C

Pool fences have continued to increase in the marketplace in spite of the slower growth of new pools being built. The answer rings loud. The economy has forced consumer to be more cost efficient with the products they purchase. Not cheap, cost efficient. The price difference in an automatic pool cover and a pool fence is tremendous. The benefits are certainly as far apart as the pricing because a pool fence cannot retain the warmth from a pool heat pump (an automatic pool cover can) and a pool safety fence will certainly not keep leaves out (again,

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Pool Cover New Orleans, LA

“I really want the automatic pool cover but how do I keep water from accumulating on top of the pool when it rains, after all then it becomes a pool on top of the pool right?” This was the first question Mr. Leroux asked…almost before hello. The answer is quite simple, every automatic pool cover comes with a pump that sits on top of the pool cover and has a sensor to activate it when water touches it to pump it off the automatic pool cover.

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Pool Safety Net Miami

When a customer calls to get their pool secured, the customer has an idea of what they want or has done some research so there is a good foundation already set for the discussion. In other situations the customer has not done research (or has and had no idea of what the solution may be). In this situation today, the customer had done research on pool safety, she had looked at pool fences and pool nets and contacted Pool Guard of Miami to get an estimate (really more of a solution based on the layout of the pools…yes pools as in more than one).

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Pool Safety Charleston, South Carolina

Pool Guard of Charleston was contacted last week about removable pool fence for a customer that needed to meet code for their home owners association. “I don’t want a fence but I have to be in compliance with the HOA ” stated the owner. As the discussion progressed, Kris (owner of PG of Charleston) presented the owner with an alternative option which is a pool safety net. They set the time and date.

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Pool Fence Tampa, Florida

Often people believe that once they have had a swimming pool fence installed, they do not have to do anything else in order to keep the pool safe. There are several additional factors that you need to keep in mind no matter what the pool safety product you are protecting your pool with is. The first is to always keep toys out of the pool. A toy left in the pool may become a magnet to attract a child or children.

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Pool Fence Charlotte, North Carolina

Todd Forrest of Pool Guard of Charlotte was contacted to place swimming pool fencing around an incredible pool that was just recently built facing Lake Norman. The pool had multiple levels and certainly was a potential hazard to the grandchildren of the homeowner. After reviewing the various options (aluminum fence, vinyl fence etc.) the homeowner elected to go with removable pool fencing. “This is our third house that we have lived in and we have traditionally gone with the aluminum fence around the pool because we had not been preseneted another choice,

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tis the season for wrapping! No, not for presents but your pool. Spring is in the air and thinking about how to secure your pool is a perfect time to address the safety of your pool prior to the pool season. Certainly there are many options to wrap your pool. Pool fence, pool nets, pool covers and automatic pool covers all have their place in the pool safety world. The most common, of no real surprise to many of you I am sure is the pool safety fence.

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Mobile, Alabama

Pool Guard has certainly been a lifesaver when it comes to quick response to getting a pool safety fence installed in our home. We contacted them on a Monday and in less than a week the pool fence was in the ground, the pool was safe and we could take off our winter pool cover and start to enjoy the pool. Fast, courteous and for sure professional. Thanks for doing it so fast,

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