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Archive for March, 2013

Pool Safety Fence Atlanta, Georgia

It is often asked by the pool owner “how far back should the pool fence be from the edge of the pool?”. The answer is “it depends”. It depends on how you use your pool deck. The minimum amount of space you should have is two feet from the water’s edge. Most people will opt for having the pool fence installed at the edge of the pool deck surrounding the pool because you can actually lay in a poolside chair as well as use the pool with the kids (while adult supervised) with enough space to move around and not get or feel cramped.

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Removable Pool Safety Fence Chicago, Illinois

As I sit down to write this article,  it is a solid one degree outside in Chicago, Illinois (not “degrees” because there is only one of them in Chicago right now!).  I suspect the last thing that could be on 99 percent of pool owner’s minds right now would be pool safety fence or even pools for that matter unless they are the type that have conjured up in their mind a pool by simply closing their eyelids so hard they can actually envision the Caribbean and the nice drink with the sword or umbrella in the pineapple sitting pool side…other than those folks,

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Pool Safety Fence New Jersey

Why choose a removable pool fence versus an aluminum fence or a vinyl fence to keep children and pets out of your pool? The design of a pool safety fence is so that a child has no place to get a real foothold in the fence so as to be able to leverage themselves up and over the fence. In direct contrast to the vinyl or aluminum fence, the vertical or horizontal supports actually can act as a ladder for them to climb over.

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Pool Safety Fence, San Juan PR

It is no secret that as pools get older they will need the decking changed. Some choose tile, while others choose a stone and yet others prefer a color treated concrete. What does this have to do with pool safety fence? When the tiles or decking is changed, the pool fence sleeves are removed and will need to be re-drilled once the job is complete. The majority of the pools at homes are older given the recent economic times in the not so distant past have slowed the building of new pools tremendously.

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Pool Safety Net Naples, Florida

We recently purchased a home from the bank (repossession) and the home came with a pool. We have two kids and a very curious Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). The house needs quite a long list of things done ranging from paint to carpet and many things in between. The priority was that we needed to do something with the pool because my husband and I cannot work on the house with the pool not having some kind of security. 

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Pool Fence Charlotte, North Carolina

What is the height of the standard pool fence? Why is that the standard height of pool fence? What color does the fence come in? These are probably the top questions that consumers ask when shopping for a pool safety fence.

The answer to both the height and why of standard pool fence is simple. The standard height is 48″ or four feet. Certain areas of the country require the fence to be higher but never lower in order to meet local code.

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Check your pool fence before the season starts.

Pool safety is a concern year round however in certain parts of the country like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut the pool season is tremendously shorter than say the “sun belt or the pool belt”. The shorter season means that there is probably a higher concentration of usage in those few months whereas the more southern states the pool is open year round so the “newness” is not as prominent. All pool safety fences and gates should be checked at a minimum of monthly for any issues.

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