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Pool Safety Covers Irving Texas

The time has come to open up the pool and we all know what that means…if you have one of the tarps over the pool with the water bag anchors it will be a messy, irritating and probably not such a fun day. We all know that the leaves and by this time of the year probably muck are stuck to the bottom of the tarp (on top but nonetheless stuck to the tarp because of the water accumulation from rain).

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Pool Safety Net Plano Texas

Blue, Black, Brown and Beige. These are the variety of colors that you get to choose from when you are seeking a pool safety net for your pool. The obvious question is whey would someone want a black net over their pool or even a brown net over their pool. Pool safety nets can be used for Koi ponds, water fountains and even lap pools indoors. These types of “water features” need security as well and without a doubt should not be overlooked when you are making a safety assessment of your home for keeping your children safe.

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Pool Safety Fence Dallas Texas

The age old question…to remove or not to remove? Okay, maybe it is not that old of a question when it comes to pool fencing but it is a question that people often ask themselves in regards to pool fencing. Why would you choose a removable pool safety fence versus say a wrought iron fence?

The immediate response is that you can actually take out the removable pool fence and a wrought iron pool fence is there for good.

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Pool Fence Kansas

We recently purchased this home from the bank and the only thing that went through my mind when we saw the house for the first time was “this is where I want to raise my children”. The schools are great, the location is great, we have a park within walking distance and then I saw it…the pool! We never had a pool growing up but we did go to swimming lessons at the YMCA so both my brother and I know how to swim.

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Pool Safety Covers Oklahoma City

Manual Pool Safety Cover

When someone says pool covers what is the image that is conjured up in your mind? Is it the plastic cover with the water bags on the edge that hold it into place that EVERYONE hates to take off when spring gets here? It does not have to be that way. There are alternatives to the “old school” covering option of the pool. The First is the semi-automatic pool cover.

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Pool Fence Laurie, Missouri

When most people think of fencing in Laurie, they think of the aluminum pool fencing or wrought iron fence that is used as a hand rail etcetera. There is a new product that is being offered for safety and it is removable pool fence.  Why would you have a fence that is removable and how easily is it removed? You need protection for your children and other people’s children whenever you have a water feature of any sort on your property (including a lake) and often people want them up when they have a party or possibly down when they have an adult party to be able to use the pool or not use the pool.

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Pool Safety Fence Los Angeles, California

The summer time season is quickly coming upon us and with that means the cleaning of the BBQ grill, firing up the mower that has been dormant for a few months and then of course opening the swimming pool for the season. Some certainly have theirs going year round but we all know the limited amount of use it gets when the temperature drops to a certain level. So what does the opening of pool season have to do with pool safety fence?

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Pool Fence Virginia Beach, Virginia

We wanted to take a moment to say thanks for doing such a great job installing our pool fence here in Virginia Beach. Jimmy was so helpful! He was on time and certainly knew what would work best for our pool and back yard. It is very refreshing to have someone actually ask you questions about how you use your back yard and LISTEN. The result was that we decided to put the fence in a different format than originally planned and we are so very pleased with the quality of the fence and the installation job Jimmy did.

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Automatic Pool Cover Miami Florida

As power continues to escalate in regards to cost more and more people are seeking solutions to contain costs in regards to energy or “going green”. We have to be careful when we say “going green” in reference to pools as it may conjure up the wrong image (algae in the pool). Many references have been made in regards to a pool cover and pools in regards to the energy savings but I think my favorite is the comparison of having a roof over a house (the house would be the pool and the roof would be the cover).

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Near fatal accident prompts pool fence purchase Tulsa, Oklahoma

The most dreaded aspect of home ownership is any kind of construction because you are allowing strangers to come and go in your house or around your house and they never treat your house like you treat your house. This includes closing all gates. We had a call today from a very nice but hysterical lady that is having work done in her back yard (landscape and lighting). The last of the employees to leave in the afternoon left the gate open to the back yard.

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