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Archive for June, 2013

Pool Safety Covers Louisiana

What do you get when you add leaves to your pool? A headache? Yes in many regards. The cleaning of the debris out of the pool is one aspect but the agonizing portion is seeing the stains left in the bottom of the pool when the leaves are gone. Scrub, paint or new liner…whatever the solution brings on another level of headaches. So how does one prevent this or make living with a pool easier?

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Pool Safety Cover Kansas City, Kansas

Summer has set in and the kids are out of school and all the pools are open and the pool safety fence is up. As with many other blogs, it is important to bring timely and GOOD information that will provoke thought. What will you do when you close your pool this season? How will you secure it and keep it clean at the same time? A pool safety cover provides an excellent option for those of you that want to keep the debris out and keep the pool safe at the same time.

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Iguanas in swimming pool, Puerto Rico

What started as these little house pets that were imported into Puerto Rico some 20 years ago to all the local pet stores as the most recent passing “in style” pet has now become one of the islands largest pests. Iguanas. The small little iguanas that everyone had as pets that grew up to look like small Monitors or baby dinosaurs are taking over the island in many aspects. The interstate has their small and large carcasses adorned,

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