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Pool Covers Miami

Pool safety covers are not a low cost item and we did an extensive amount of research on the products and the service related to the product as well as the alternatives (nothing really close other than a pin down cover and my husband was not even going to entertain that option provided he would be taking it off and placing it back  on everyday as he swims every morning). In the end we went with Dave because of a couple of reasons.

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Pool Fence San Diego California

Pool fence is as necessary to a pool as a seat belt is to a car. You may not always think that you need it but wish you had it when you did need it. In other words…better safe than not. Removable pool safety fence has been in the market place for years and as people become more technically savvy they find this product (mostly through the internet) because they realize that a door alarm can fail and as a parent it is just impossible to keep your eye on the kids the whole time.

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Pool Fence Tallahassee Florida

Pool safety fence in Tallahassee Florida is certainly still a requirement in regards to the law instituted by the state. While some people often ask for pool fence to go around the pool, not everyone is familiar with the benefits of a removable pool safety fence versus a permanent pool fence like vinyl or wrought iron. The removable pool safety fence can be taken out of the ground by an adult in usually 15 minutes.

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Pool Covers Warner Robins Georgia

Pool Covers are like any other product on the market…some are really good and thereby have a correlated price and then some are sold online through various bidding sites (auction style) that have no brand name, no serial number and therefore provide you with zilch for support and warranty advice. Purchasing from someone local allows you to see the material prior to purchasing the product, see the color, the quality, learn more about how to use the product (installation,storage etc.) In the even that you are not very handy,

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Pool covers Atlanta Georgia

Pool covers should be inspected on a regular basis. Some people use their covers for more extended periods of time and depending on the surroundings and climate they may require a more frequent inspection. Some of the key factors to inspect when it comes to a safety check on your pool cover (pin down type not automatic pool covers) are the tension. There should never be any sag in the cover it should be installed drum tight.

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Pool Covers Viriginia Beach Virginia

The time of the season to put a pool cover on is upon us. If you have an existing pool cover, now is also the time to check it for safety. Check for holes, check for threads coming undone and check the anchors in the concrete to make sure they implanted strongly. What should you do in the event that you have a hole in your cover? Depending on the size of the hole you can actually purchase a cover repair kit (somewhat like a bike tire tube repair kit).

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Automatic Pool Cover Boca Raton Florida

Pool covers have that certain panache about them. Automatic pool covers certainly can take it to the next level when it comes to panache. The return on investment is the best kept secret. How could someone get a return on investment for their automatic pool cover? Rest assured it does not increase the value of your property but it will help you SAVE money. How? If you are heating your pool during the cooler months it will hold the heat in and thus cut down on consumption of energy used (electric or gas).

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Pool Fence Wellington Florida

It may seem strange that someone would order a pool fence for a very small area like illustrated in the photo however sometimes that is all that is needed. The pool fence should really be installed so that it is taught and border line too tight in order to optimize the material. This “no sag” rule makes for a safer fence. Pool Guard has over 15 different color combinations to suit your backyard.

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Removable Pool Fences Phoenix, Arizona

Pool fences come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even permanentability (Yes, I just invented that word because I simply cannot think of another word that describes what I am trying to say). Recently Pool Guard of Phoenix received a call from a home owner that had a pool fence installed in their home some time ago (the infamous wrought iron gate that so many pay premiums to have installed around their pool for pool safety).

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Baby Fence Safe for Kids Miami Florida

Pool safety fence keeps your baby really safe from swimming pools. Pool fence has been a law in Florida for…wow for as long as I can remember.  http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0500-0599/0515/Sections/0515.29.html is a great reference to the specifics of pool safety fence law for the state of Florida. Not only does Pool Guard pool fence meet the requirements of the state of Florida it has the exclusive LNE designation from Europe which means it has gone through the most rigorous testing for pool safety fence in the industry and passed.

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