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Mesh Pool Fence Hilton Head South Carolina

As a child I spent several summers in Hilton Head South Carolina. I remember it quite clearly as I got to spend a couple of weeks each summer with my aunt and uncle that had a small business on the island. Funny how when you reflect on your childhood you always see things as being much bigger than they used to be as a child. I remember a hill on a golf course that I used to ride my bike up and it seemed like I was climbing Mt.

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Pool Safety Covers Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Pool tarps are not a safe option for covering a pool. While it makes sense that putting a tarp over a pool will assist in keeping leaves out (not greatly provided the water will pool in the center of the tarp on top of the pool, then require pumping out and then removal of the leaves). A pool safety cover is installed with the tension of a drum or “drum tight”. We recommend a mesh cover or a solid cover with a mesh drain hatch so that there is no pooling on top of the cover.

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Pool Safety The Keys Florida

Plastic Tarps not safe!

Pool safety is a topic that common in the Keys of Florida. Why? So many houses (primary homes, secondary homes and even rental homes) have pools that is topic that has to be addressed never mind it is the law. So what products are on the market that  you can have installed to make a pool safer for kids? Pool safety fences (removable), pool safety nets and pool covers are the top products in the category.

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Choosing a Pool Fence San Jose California

Pool Safety Fence Bay Area California

Choosing a pool fence brings in many options that one must consider. There are PVC pool fences, wrought iron pool fences and of course the removable pool fence that continues to grow in popularity. In order to try to sift through the needs we will review each type of fence in order to provide a better idea of what removable pool fence provides over the other types of fence in the market space.

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Pool Safety Fence Fresno, California

When it comes to pool safety fences in Fresno California the options for a removable pool safety fence with self closing, self latching gate are somewhat limited. Vern Davidson has been installing pool safety fence in this area for over 15 years and has the product experience as well as installation experience to provide you with the safest pool safety fence in the Fresno California area. The self closing gate manufactured by pool guard has a unique monolithic frame that provides the most reliable closing in the industry with the Magna Latch and Tru Close hinges,

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Safety Fence for Pools Warner Robins Georgia

When most people think of pool fence they probably think of the wrought iron fence that used to adorn every home. Certainly times have changed when it comes to that concept. The removable pool safety fence provides pool owners with the versatility of a variety of colors and it can be removed by an adult  which comes in handy when you are having a pool party or a 4th of July cook out for example.

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Pool Covers Phoenix Arizona

Pool covers are becoming more and more popular here in Phoenix Arizona. The common colors that most companies offer (black, blue or green) tend to be less attractive in the landscapes here. A beige pool safety cover tends to be much more attractive for the landscape here in Arizona. The benefits of the pool safety covers are they keep foliage as well as dust particles out f the pool. They provide a secure pool for not only the kids of the owners but visiting guests (wanted or unwanted).

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Pool Safety San Antonio Texas

Pool fence, pool nets and pool covers all act as a layer of protection. If you think about cars in the same way, we wear seatbelts, we now have airbags and even low speed collision bumpers. These are all very much layers of protection. A swimming pool is certainly no different. Door chimes and window chimes are layers of protection but what happens when everyone is outside already? A pool fence serves as a vertical layer of protection that provides the layer of protection that is not only wanted by most but should be required by all.

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Pool Safety Fence Folsom California

It’s time to buy a pool fence and you have done your search on the internet to look to see who is around and certainly what products they offer etc. There are claims from the world’s strongest pole (a miracle pole) to a gate that Spiderman himself allegedly could not climb. The reality of what you should seek out in regards to this transaction are very fundamental. The first factor to research  is how long the company (manufacturer) been around.

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An old dog and a new fence Dallas, Texas

Pool fences usually are correlated to pool safety for kids…or even a more broad spectrum…humans. Dogs (I can personally attest to this) are a very important part of our family (all three of them…even though one is just a little bit off the reservation from certain aspects!). In Dallas Texas Bob and Jill are no different when it comes to feeling dogs are like their family in fact so much so that they have had the two dogs they currently have for over 10 years and just as humans start to lose the sharpness of our senses (seeing and hearing) so have their furry family extensions. 

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