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Atlanta, Georgia

Why would you decide to or elect to choose a pool fence versus a pin down pool cover? The products are as far apart as the opinions of any good political campaign. Pool safety fence provides a vertical barrier while the pool safety cover provides a horizontal barrier. A pool safety fence will do very little to keep leaves out of your pool but a great job at keeping the kids out of the pool. The pool saftety cover will keep both the leaves and kids out of the pool. So why choose one over the other? The key decision is usually what you want your safety product to do AND how much time you as the owner want to commit to the product prior to using the pool and after you are done using the pool. A pool safety cover takes a great deal of effort to stick the leverage bar into the spring PULL it back and push your foot down on the spring until it hooks on the brass anchor. This is a great product for closing your pools but probably not the most user friendly when it comes to a day where you just want to take a quick dip in the pool. The pool safety fence on the other hand is relatively easy to operate as you do not have to take the whole thing down to use the pool. You can simply open the self closing, self latching lockable gate (this is highly recommended and even referenced by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the standard of care on pool safety) and go in. It is important to note that the gate is not easily opened by a child as the fence and gate are 4ft tall and the gate lock/latch should be located on the INSIDE of the gate not the outside. The gate opens toward you making it hard for even a tall kid to pull the gate open. As a precaution, always keep the gate locked, this will prevent any entering to the pool. It is within reason that some people try to avoid purchasing the baby gate when purchasing a pool fence however it is also very important to acknowledge that if you as the adult or the pool cleaning personnel open the latch between the fences and forget to close it, there might as well not even be a pool fence around the pool because a child will go straight for the open part. A self closing baby gate alleviates that variable and the price is easily justified.

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