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Automatic Latching Pool Gates: A Study

Pool gates with old-fashioned manual latches are both convenient and unsafe. Luckily, pool gates that latch themselves automatically have been around for a little while now, and they’ve become more efficient and affordable than ever.

Furthermore, the best pool gates with automatic latches are also weighted to self-close, meaning that even if you get distracted and leave the gate open, or a child or neighbor does so, the gate will close and continue keeping your pool secure.

Remember, pool safety is everyone’s responsibility. Although a gate is absolutely necessary, it is also a weak point in the security system created and afforded by a strong, high pool fence.

Getting the best pool gate requires research and a good deal of knowledge and thought about pool safety. For example, consider this: did you know that Magna Latch latching systems and Tru-Close hinges are some of the best pool gate components in the business?

What Makes a Good Pool Gate

In addition to the self-latching and self-closing features above, which automatically disqualify many of the cheaply made pool gates out there on the market today, a pool gate must possess the following two key qualities:

  1. Strength
  2. Durability

Strength allows your pool gate to resist strong winds or the curious hands of children. This prevents access to your pool and ensures that your gate does not become a weak link in your pool fencing system. This in turn grants you peace of mind and personal security.

Durability includes a wide variety of qualities such as the level of rust resistance and the types of materials used to make the pool gate. Although everything wears down eventually, and safety components must always be checked regularly for wear and tear, you don’t want a gate you’ll have to replace every pool season.

If you find a gate with a self-closing feature, an automatic latching feature, and true strength and durability, you’ve found yourself a great product. Such a gate will keep your pool secure while retaining its ease of access for plenty of fun in the water.

You should also make sure you only purchase a pool gate with a warranty. In addition to the protection it actually offers you, a warranty serves another function. It shows that the product manufacturer truly has faith in the gate—which means it’s much more likely to be well-made.

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