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Automatic Pool Cover Miami Florida

As power continues to escalate in regards to cost more and more people are seeking solutions to contain costs in regards to energy or “going green”. We have to be careful when we say “going green” in reference to pools as it may conjure up the wrong image (algae in the pool). Many references have been made in regards to a pool cover and pools in regards to the energy savings but I think my favorite is the comparison of having a roof over a house (the house would be the pool and the roof would be the cover). If you were to place a heater in your house and try to heat the house without a roof, it would be minimally effective. The same happens when you try to heat your pool (and some of you may even have chillers on your pools due to the fact that you do not want your pool too hot…same concept) as the energy that you are paying for is literally escaping into the atmosphere. How can you contain that at night and during the day when the pool is not in use? Automatic pool covers are the best solution in the marketplace bar none. Automatic pool covers can be retro fitted for existing pools or installed when a pool is being built. The key aspect that you need to be aware of is that automatic pool covers will not work for every pool. This is very important when designing your pool, you certainly want to consult with a pool cover professional during the process.

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