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Automatic Pool Cover Miami, Florida

Imagine turning a key to open the cover on your pool! Now imagine that very same key saving you an exponential amount of income in regards to your power bill from heating your pool. The DOA (Department of Energy) has completed a study showing the amazing amount of savings from having an automatic pool cover over your pool. The average return on investment for an automatic pool cover is about three years. This may sound like a long time but when you consider that you will have your pool for a lifetime as long you reside at the same residence, three years is just a drop in the pool (not a bucket…poor attempt at humor). An automatic pool cover can be installed on an existing pool as long as the cover can be “squared up” and there are no obstacles preventing the open and close of the cover. A new construction pool can most certainly accommodate an automatic pool cover but the cover must be factored into the equation from the very start so the pool contractor can build the bunker for the main storage component of the unit as well as set the track under the coping during the building process. These are key aspects for a truly flawless installation on a new pool construction for including an automatic pool cover.

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