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Automatic Pool Cover Naples, Florida

Automatic Pool Cover Florida

Have you ever heard of a house without a roof? Imagine trying to provide heat for a home with no roof. How efficient do you think that would be? The same exact concept applies to an automatic pool cover. Many people have heaters or heat pumps for their pool and attempt to keep their pools at a tolerable temperature during winter months but on a cool evening you can visually see the heat escaping from the pool just as you see the heat coming off the road just after a summer rain. The range varies in regards to the time for return on investment but for the most part, the average return on investment is three and a half years. Sound like a long time? Consider that you will probably have that home with the pool for 5 years plus and then it makes perfect sense. If you take into consideration that the cover becomes a benefit for a potential new buyer of your home, then the return on investment is possibly much sooner. The savings on energy, chemicals and water provide several sound reasons aside from just pool safety to have an automatic pool cover installed.

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