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Children Are Worth It

How much are your children worth to you? $20, $1000, $100,000? Can you really put a price on your children, can you put a price on keeping your children safe? We recently installed a swimming pool safety fence for a couple in Beverly Hills. This couple was renting a house in Beverly Hills for just the month of August. A little summer get away until September when they are moving to London because the husband got transferred there. They called me, said I was recommended by friends of theirs, and wanted to know if I rented fencing. My answer was no. They told me the owners said it would be fine to put a fence in as long as I didn’t need to drill into the antique rock around the swimming pool. The pool was in the middle of the yard surrounded by grass. I said no problem. We agreed on the price, installed the fence, and I will be going back at the end of August to remove the fence, The owners have no children and don’t want or need the fence after the renters leave. Not many people have the kind of money to do something like this. But when you buy a fence that will be used for years, to safeguard your children, it comes out to be only pennies a day to help insure your children’s safety. Aren’t your children worth it?

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