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Drowning Isn’t Always Loud- Here are 5 Quiet Signs to Be Wary Of

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Summer means warm weather, more time spent outside, and taking a dip in a pool to cool off. However, a pool comes with many dangers, including drowning, which poses a risk to everyone who enters a pool, especially children. Sadly, about one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 years and younger.

Many people think that when someone drowns, there will be a loud commotion, splashing, and flailing of arms and legs. This is typically not the case, and unfortunately, many caregivers do not know the warning signs of drowning. In order to prevent a fatal accident, here are five quiet signs that someone is drowning.

1. They cannot call for help
A person must be able to breathe before they can call for help. When someone drowns, their mouth sinks below the water’s surface and temporarily reappears above the surface leaving little time for them to exhale and breathe fully.

2. They cannot wave for help
When someone is drowning, they instinctively put their arms outward in order to push their mouth above water. Children sometimes will extend their arms forward to get the same effect. This means they cannot flail their arms around to warn others that they are in trouble.

3. It looks like they are swimming, but there is no sign of kicking
Sometimes, the person drowning will remain upright in the water with their mouth underneath the water’s surface. The clue here is that they will not be kicking their legs to propel them through the water.

4. Changes in their physical appearance
Their eyes may look glassy and unresponsive, and their hair may be all over their face. Their skin may also turn a blueish tint.

5. They are quiet
For parents, one of the biggest clues their child is drowning is the lack of noise. Generally, children are loud when they swim, so if there is a sudden lack of noise, make sure to get to the children to find out why.

Knowing these warning signs can be the difference between life and death. In addition to staying alert, installing pool fencing around your pool is the best way to ensure drownings do not happen. These pool gates should be about four feet high in order to ensure the proper protection, and your pool should be reinforced with a pool net or a pool safety cover in case the child falls in. In general, four-sided pool fencing will reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 83% compared to three-sided fencing.

Invest in pool fencing today to ensure the livelihood of your family and those you care about. Contact out our experts at Pool Guard USA for all your needs.

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