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How to Keep Your Child Safe In A Pool

pool safety netIt is a hot summer day, and you want to take a dip in your pool. But as a parent, it can be incredibly daunting to bring your child near a body of water because of all the dangers that can lie underneath the surface. Make sure to follow these pool safety tips for children so you both can breathe comfortably and relax in the water!

Teach Them To Swim
Babies are born with the natural instinct to hold their breath underwater. As kids grow older, this reflex is lost, so it is recommended children take swimming classes as soon as possible. Taking lessons between three and six months old will train the child to keep this reflex. Additionally, getting your child accustomed to being in water from a young age will help dismantle the fear that comes with swimming.

Considering that 44% of Americans do not know basics of water safety and only 56% of Americans can perform the five core swimming skills, enrolling your child in swimming lessons taught by a trained professional is a must. It will let you rest easy knowing your child can properly swim and take care of themselves in the water.

Fence It In
Surrounding your pool with a pool safety gate is a great way to ensure your child does not have access to your pool unsupervised. Installing pool fencing will significantly reduce the risk of child drownings; these pool gates should be at least four feet high with self-closing and self-latching gates that open outward. Make sure there are no gaps wider than four inches so a child can’t squeeze through. Invest in a four-sided fence that separates the pool area from the house as this will reduce the risk of drowning by 83% compared to three-sided fencing.

Cover the Pool
Using a pool safety net is a fool proof way to prevent accidental drownings if a child mistakenly falls into the water. These pool safety nets are stretched over the pool when it is not in use and have openings of about three inches so your child will not be able to submerge their head. Completely customizable to any pool, pool safety nets are the easiest way to protect your children from drowning.

Install a Pool Alarm
Pool alarms are incredibly useful as they are motion activated. Whenever someone tampers with the fence without properly setting off the alarm, you are notified immediately. You can set up an alarm outside and inside, so you will know the minute anyone enters your pool unsupervised.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Pool Guard today for all your safety needs!

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