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How to Make Your Pool Fence Look Great

When you have a pool, you want it to look great. The area around a pool contributes a great deal to how the pool looks. This leads many pool owners to sacrifice safety by avoiding installing a pool fence, just because they don’t like the way pool fences look.

This is illegal in many places, and outright dangerous and irresponsible no matter where you are. Furthermore, there’s no good reason that a pool fence can’t look great—many pool owners just don’t know how to blend the pool fence in with the rest of the pool design.

I’m here now to give you a few ideas on how to keep your pool safe while keeping it looking great.

Idea #1 – Hiding the Pool Fence

Many pool owners successfully “hide” their pool fences. Although they obviously can’t completely remove the pool fence from sight, they use other landscaping and hardscaping features to distract attention from the fence.

One of the easiest and most attractive ways to do this is by lining the pool fence with trees. This can also protect your pool somewhat from the effects of bad weather.

However, there are a few things to take into consideration. You don’t want trees that are easy to climb, which would defeat the purpose of the pool fence. You also don’t want trees with branches or root systems that will damage the fence. Do your research before planting trees to hide a fence.

You can also help a pool fence blend in by using other landscaping features like rocks, or even larger projects like fountains.

Even large potted plants can distract from your pool fence and further beautify your pool area.

Idea #2 – Using a Pool Wall

A lot of custom-designed pool areas use walls instead of or in addition to fences along some of the pool area’s perimeter. This can be an attractive way to distract attention from your pool fence. In certain cases, it can also help your pool fence make the pool area even safer.

For example, a pool fence on top of a hill that is further separated from the pool itself by a brick or stone wall will prevent children from climbing the fence, and make it difficult for them to access the pool even if they do manage to climb the fence.

Idea #3 – Using Community

You can get some of the best, most specific ideas for your pool by talking to pool safety professionals and other pool owners in your area. Calling up a Pool Guard USA specialist in your area is sure to get you plenty of great ideas that will keep your pool safe and looking great.

You should also ask other pool owners whose pools you admire, or check out other pool and pool safety blogs like ours.

Do you have a particular way of keeping your pool safe and looking great? Share it with us and other readers in the comment section below!

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