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Long Island, NY

I installed a safety fence in Wading River, NY. The customer was hesitant, but did have the safety fence installed. Weeks later the family had a birthday party for their twin boys. One of the guests children went missing, and they were all in a panic. About 15 minutes went by and the homeowner spotted the child on the top step of the neighbors pool behind their house. The child had crawled under a broken stockade fence, Luckily he was found before something horrifying could have happened. I received a phone call from my customer the next day, he told me he was thankful for having the fence installed and knew at that moment he had made the right decision. He highly recommends people with or without children should have one installed because you never know if a situation may arise. He said, “The day of the party could have been a devastation to all of us.”


About Pool Guard Manufacturing, Inc.
Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, Pool Guard is the worldwide leader in pool safety fences, pool nets and pool covers since 1997. The manufacturing company supports a worldwide dealer network trained specifically in the skills needed for safe and secure pool fence installations Pool Guard can be contacted at (888) 876-4005 or by visiting their web site at www.poolsafetyfences.com.

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