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“Making Pools Safe For Kids” Our Tag Line & What Does it Mean to Us

Pool Guard manufacturing is a family owned business, which whole heartily believes in our tag line “Making Pools Safe For Kids!” For us it not just about keeping them safe around the pool, it’s about keeping them safe in today’s society. Water may be the enemy and #1 cause of death for children under age five but today’s children have many other enemies to be protected from in this day in age. Child abductions are on he rise, runaway teens make the news everyday, and than there is that BIG ELEPHANT in the room, “the internet.”

We at Pool Guard wanted to give you a few tips on keeping your kids safe in all situations. Such as we promote keeping eyes wide open and 100% attention on your child around the pool, we promote the same concept with for them while participating in their everyday life activities, whether its playing in the front yard or playing on the computer.

Sometimes, we parents or guardians can be accused of invading privacy, snooping, or being nosey. “So what,” if it keeps our children safe then do it! Here are a few helpful tips and resources for “Making Pools Safe For Kids,” and keeping them safe beyond the pool.

• Supervision around the pool is a must.
• Pool Fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate can prevent accidental drowning.
• Keep toys out of pool area so not to entice children to enter the pool without supervision.
• Check out http://www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster/water-safety/home-pool-safety for more safety tips for children around the pool.
• Teach Stanger Danger (McGruff Club) www.ncpc.org.
• Run Practice Drills on Stranger Danger.
• Take current pictures of your children.
• Teach kids to use their natural instincts.
• Most school photographs when purchased now contain an ID card with your child’s information on it.
• Fingerprint your child.
• Learn about storing DNA samples www.polyklass.com.
• Your can order a “Keep Your Child Safe Kit” at the www.pollyklassaction.org.
• Get acquainted with your child’s friends.
• Use apps to know where your children are:
• http://www.safekids.org/safetytips
• Always use parental controls on their computers.
• Know your teens users ID’s & Passwords for their social media sites.

From our family to yours, be safe!


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