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Mesh Pool Fence Hilton Head South Carolina

As a child I spent several summers in Hilton Head South Carolina. I remember it quite clearly as I got to spend a couple of weeks each summer with my aunt and uncle that had a small business on the island. Funny how when you reflect on your childhood you always see things as being much bigger than they used to be as a child. I remember a hill on a golf course that I used to ride my bike up and it seemed like I was climbing Mt. Everest. I also remember the swimming pool they had in their back yard and at my age it seemed like it was the size of a lake! I also remember distinctly my mother telling me to stay away from the pool without my aunt or uncle. I think back now and realize how dangerous her pool was as they had no fence around the property at all. My how times have changed. I had the opportunity to pass by their house some years later and visited their old house (drove through the neighborhood) and saw the old pool that looked like a lake…now it looks like an average size swimming pool and still had no fence around  the yard but the new owners did have a pool safety fence surrounding the pool so some preventative actions have been taken to make the pool safe for kids. As I reflect on it this very moment it makes me feel good that someone took that action to install a pool safety fence as the next generation of children and the distractions that face adults on a daily basis (all the electronics and communication formats we have these days!) warrant a pool fence on every pool. As a side note I did go by the golf course with the big hill and it is a mere 40 yards long and not really much of a hill at all. It’s all about perspective I guess and our perspective these days should be more about making a bigger effort to secure pools and make them safe. Is your pool safe?

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