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Not Just Fences—How to Keep Your Pool Truly Safe

Pool fences are one of the best investments a pool owner can make. In addition to ensuring the safety and legality of your personal pool, they grant you peace of mind.

However, if you have small children or live in a well-populated neighborhood, you may want to take your pool safety concerns just a bit further. You may also worry about intruders or animals getting into your pool area, or about debris from stormy weather getting in your pool water.

I’ve consulted with a variety of pool upkeep and safety experts to give you some of the best advice out there for keeping your pool as safe as it can possibly be. This advice will protect those around you and the pool itself at the same time!

When it comes to making your pool extra-safe, I like to divide safety factors into two sets: physical and non-physical.

Non-Physical Pool Safety Factors

Non-physical pool safety factors include making sure that everyone who uses your pool is a strong swimmer. This also includes the enforcement of safe swimming rules and a buddy system for children, and limiting alcohol and caffeine intake in the pool area for adults.

Physical Pool Safety Factors

Physical factors include the environment around your pool. If you’ve installed a great pool safety fence, you’ve made the best possible first step. However, you might consider some other options, such as the following:

If you install some or all of these extra safety features, you can prevent emergencies and injuries. This preventative preparation might even go on to save a life!

In addition to ensuring the safety of those using the pool, these extra features can give you peace of mind in several ways. For example, alarm systems and automatically locking pool gates will keep children out of the pool area, and will also discourage intruders.

Automatically locking gates also save you a good deal of time and effort—and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to lock up the pool. This is such a blessing for parents with young children.

In addition, safety pool covers are more effective at keeping out debris and rainwater than traditional pool covers. This means that you can protect your pool as well as your family and community simply by investing in one simple product.

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