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Pool covers Atlanta Georgia

Pool covers should be inspected on a regular basis. Some people use their covers for more extended periods of time and depending on the surroundings and climate they may require a more frequent inspection. Some of the key factors to inspect when it comes to a safety check on your pool cover (pin down type not automatic pool covers) are the tension. There should never be any sag in the cover it should be installed drum tight. If your cover is sagging in the middle or around the border then you should adjust your spring towards the cover. This will effectively shorten the distance from the spring to the cover and also make it more tense when you put the cover on with the tensioning bar resulting in a tighter cover. Ch Another aspect of a safety check on you pool cover it to check every quadrant for holes or any signs of wear on the threading .  If your pool cover has a hole in it you can either order a small cover repair kit (online) or if it is a larger hole (bigger than an inch) you probably want to have it sent to get it repaired. Pool Guard of Atlanta can advise you on any of the above situations or if you need a new cover installed on your pool. Pool Guard of Atlanta can assist. Call today for your free estimate.

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