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Pool Fence Denver, Colorado

Pool fence is a topic that comes up in the month of May as May is water safety month but many do not spend too much time on pool fence outside of the “pool belt” after that. Why? I really think it is a matter of each state’s respective culture. For instance in Utah, automatic pool covers are extremely popular as the climate requires most people to have pool heaters or heat pumps. If you have a heat pump then the logical product to add on is an automatic pool cover because it is difficult and expensive to keep heat into a pool without some form of a cover. Why is there a lack of attention to pool fence or pool safety fence in states that are not in the “pool belt”? I think the answer is two fold. The first and most obvious is that these states do not have any laws or legislation that has created awareness in the form of a campaign or law. The second is product awareness. I do not think many people living in these states that have pools are even aware of such a product unless they go on the internet and start searching for pool safety solutions. They will then see the selection of alternatives other than pin down pool covers and automatic pool covers. Triple Black

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