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Pool Fence Dorado,Puerto Rico

Pool safety fences only work if they are in place and closed. While this may sound like a very common sense statement it would amaze many as to how many people go through the process to purchase a pool safety fence and then not purchase the most crucial part of the system which is the pool safety gate. Why is the gate so important? Very simple. If and adult opens the fence and leaves it open to go and grab some water or even to take a quick phone call, those few minutes can result in a tragedy. This is a very real concern. Many will get estimates from pool safety company  and elect to save the money by not purchasing the gate simply due to economics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a 4 foot fence around the pool with a self closing, self latching and lockable gate for security of the pool purposes. The pool service person could leave the gate open, the visiting friend could leave it open, the babysitter could leave it open…and then the entire system was for nothing. The pool safety gate is the most important part of the system. Make sure that when you purchase a pool safety fence you mandate a pool gate be integrated (and not the manual type of gate, the self closing, self latching and lockable kind!). Contact Pool Guard of Puerto Rico for your free in home estimate to make your pool safe for kids.

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