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Pool Fence Installation on Thin Pavers

Recently I met with a customer who had been told by several competing pool safety fence companies that a pool fence was not an option for them because their pool builder used thin pavers in the construction of their pool deck. Thin pavers when installed over soil or crushed concrete are not stable enough to safely hold a pool fence in place when using standard installation methods. The other companies apparently lacked the skill or knowledge level necessary to recommend an advanced installation method utilized by Pool Guard for just this type of situation.


Pool Guard’s method for this type of installation reinforced the entire installation, making it sturdy, safe and aesthetically pleasing. The customer was extremely happy, passed their pool inspection with flying colors and ended up writing a positive review of their experience with Pool Guard on Angie’s List. Angie’s List is a website that rates area service companies. Pool Guard of Tampa Bay currently has a perfect “A” rating. Pool Guard of Tampa Bay also has a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Kevin Post

Pool Guard of Tampa Bay

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