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Pool Fence Key West Florida

Key West and Pool Fences are probably not what people associate together when they think of the most beautiful set of island in the United States however having a pool safety fence around your pool is not only a local law but makes sense for both home owners and renters alike. If you have a home that you rent out in the Key West area and have a pool it makes sense to have a pool safety fence installed to protect the children and allow the parents to have a truly comfortable vacation in the rental home versus having the lurking worry that the children may fall into the pool and result in  a tragedy. Pool Fences come in an array of colors and Pool Guard offers the most colors in the industry. While a fence is usually not a very appealing product aesthetically, the pool fence from  Pool Guard is virtually transparent so as not to obstruct the view of the pool and or ocean. Contact Erica today for you free in home estimate to secure your pool.

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