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Pool Leaf Cover Maryland

Pool season is coming to an end and now we are faced with the end of summer blues along with the task of closing our pool. Fall brings many things that we treasure such as football, cook outs in the cool weather and of course LEAVES. The beauty of the color change is fast and then…let the raking begin! What does this have to do with pool safety covers? Leaves in pools are not fun. They stain and they are a pain. To make the pool closing and opening much easier on the following spring it simply makes sense to install a pool safety cover. Do you need a replacement pool safety cover? We have a program that we can send you a box and you simply need to remove the springs and send it to us and we will build another for you so you do not need to even install new anchors or measure for the replacement cover. Sound to good to be true? Pool Guard offers several different classifications of pool covers. The  standard residential cover is still superior to most of what is on the market and the level of quality simply goes up from there including the option for a solid pool safety cover with a triple filtration drain hatch to keep particles the size of  flour out of your pool. Contact your local Pool Guard dealer today for more information.

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